Creatures, Characters, Movement, & Puppetry for film, live performance and VFX reference

Performance FX specialises in real, tangible creative exchanges, experiences and solutions to enable the very best performance and storytelling.

Performance FX has been established to provide a single easy to find hub to for the much sought after skill sets that combine technical skill with artistic performance experience and ability. Our experienced teams bring their creative skills and training to every project they work on, tackling practice challenges with bags of inventive enthusiasm.

Our Services Can Include:


  • Puppetry (in all its many forms)
  • Creature Performance
  • Movement Coaching and Choreography
  • We’re the leading team in VFX reference puppetry and performance, with credits across multiple films.
  • Commissioning makers, fabricators, designers
  • Experienced performance and motion capture performers with a variety of skill sets (acting, dance, puppetry etc)

"Leading the way in providing this invaluable service to Directors,
actors, DOP’s and VFX supervisors on multiple high profile film

Christian Manz